Writer's Guidelines


Thanks for your interest in contributing to Buy The Block Black.  We're always open to pitches from reporters, videographers, artists and thinkers for our news and analysis features. We know it's nerve-wracking to fire off great ideas into the seeming black hole of editors' in-boxes, so we've got a few tips to ease the process at Buy The Block Black.


  • Sell it. Describe what you'd like to write or produce in a few paragraphs. Sell us on why your idea is unique, how it advances the discussion you're engaging and how you'll substantiate the point. Keep in mind that your e-mail is our best indication of the voice and style you would use in the assigned feature. If you have previously published work, please include links to that as well.

  • All articles must, in some way, relate back to Black life in Dayton, Ohio.  Linking a national issues and showing how it impacts the Black community of Dayton is what we are looking for.

  • Keep it timely. We are most interested in reporting or analysis that advances a discussion leading the news in a given week. We welcome ideas on everything from pop culture to economic justice. But whatever the topic, it's gotta be timely. Note that this also means we often require a fast turnaround on assignments.

  • Exclusive submissions only, please

  • All stories are considered on an "on spec" basis

  • Maximum length: 800 words

  • BTBB retains all copyright, print and electronic distribution rights to articles published on www.buytheblockblack.com

  • Please send your queries in the body of an e-mail, rather than as an attachment, to buytheblockblack.com with subject line: ARTICLE for BTBB.

    Now, here's how to get our attention once we've got your e-mail.

  • Include your telephone number and how you wish to be described in the editor's note.

  • Finally, we are unfortunately unable to respond personally to all the queries we receive. If we're able to use your idea, an editor will be in touch. If you haven't heard back within a week, you can assume we're unable to use it.


Thanks again for your interest, and we eagerly await your great ideas!