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I interview Sister Shondale Nicole Atkinson on her trails, tribulations, and triumphs


Shondale of the Founder and President of The Mustard Seed Foundation and CEO of Serendipity Community Care.


Serendipity Community Care

411 E. Fifth Street Dayton Ohio 45402


411 E 5th St Dayton, Ohio


Call (937) 589-2222



The Mustard Seed Foundation

1429 Bryn Mawr Drive Dayton, Ohio 45402


Call (937) 529-9815 - (937)603-6643



Serendipity Community Care clinic.

They provide medical marijuana cards to patients that meet the 21 medical condition requirements. With your Ohio medical marijuana card in hand, you'll have the ability to access all 56 dispensaries in Ohio. Serendipity Community Care is a clinic that is here for you regardless of condition. We take your privacy, business, and care seriously. Our clinic honors the HIPPA law and appreciates our prestigious physicians. Our staff is here to make your visit comfortable and easy. Serendipity Community Care serves individuals ages 18 years and older. Each individual must be eligible by having one or more of the 21 medical condition requirements. We pride ourselves in assisting you with your journey. At Serendipity Community Care we are here for each other. Life can be hard dealing with medical ailments. Serendipity Community Care knows you are not your condition. __________________________________________________


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