Tribute to Bro. Tyrone Muhammad

September 3, 2018


On November 25, 1972 Ernestine Tiggs-Davis and the late Rev Persey Tiggs were blessed with the birth of Tyrone Tiggs.


Born and raised in Cleveland and Warrensville Heights, Ohio; Tyrone was the youngest sibling to Semona, Persey Jr and Sherman (deceased).  Tyrone attended both Cleveland Public Schools as well as Warrensville Heights School District. He was a graduate of Warrensville Heights High.


Tyrone was affectionately knick-named T.T. and Tip-Top. As a youth, Tyrone always had a sunny disposition and as his mother quoted “Tyrone skipped through life”.  Tyrone immediately warmed the hearts of all whom he came into contact due his infectious smile and eyes that always sparkled as though he had a dance going on inside of his head. Tyrone was quick to share not only words of wisdom and encouragement, but also his youthful, fun spirit. Tyrone loved, absolutely loved music and we can be sure that the songs that constantly played in his head is what kept his spirits lifted. As a youth, one of his favorite artist was Morris Day and The Time who inspired not only his taste in becoming a “sharp” dresser, but also led to his desire to become a music producer. With Tyrone’s drive and determination, along with his charming personality, we can be positive that he would have become quite successful had he pursued that dream. However, GOD saw differently for Tyrone.


At the age of 17, Tyrone was introduced to the Nation of Islam and at the tender age of 18, Tyrone was baptized. It was while attending the Mosque that Tyrone met and fell in love with his soul partner, Miss Rheaba Bradley  and the two were married on Valentine’s Day of 1994. This union of love produced a new passion for Tyrone; that of being a husband, father and grandfather. They were blessed with 5 wonderful children: Charles, Candace, Aquil, Hadith and Tyler and their beautiful grand- daughter Samaiya.  Tyrone was very attentive to the needs of his family (providing, protecting and encouraging and supporting their education, sports and activities).  He showered his beloved mother (Ernestine) with attention. Just recently, he relocated back to Cleveland in order to be closer to his mom, grandfather (Garnie) and other family members. He spent these last few months attending every family event and truly enjoyed these gatherings for whatever the occasion; even something as simple as gathering for rounds of Uno. He was the little brother whom you adored and the uncle every kid looked forward to seeing, he was a joy to the family. 


As a soldier for the Nation of Islam under the guidance of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan; Tyrone achieved many accomplishments; he held the positions of secretary, captain and study group coordinator, he was recognized by the Dayton Weekly as a Man of Influence in 2012, recognized as Captain of the Year by the local Mosque (fill in with others). Tyrone serviced the needs of the community boldly with gratitude, compassion and humility. His tireless energy and determination to assist whenever and wherever needed often went unnoticed, even to the point that his wife was unaware of how huge of an impact he made to the communities that he lived in.  Tyrone truly lived the words of Matt 6:3-4 But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly. For all of his accomplishments in 45 years (what would have taken others 90 years) we can be sure Our FATHER said, Well done, my son, it’s time to rest”. We were lucky to have known and loved you during your 45 years here on earth, let your sparkle shine on in the Heavens above Tip-Top Tyrone.


Tyrone leaves behind his legacy which consists of beloved wife, Rheaba; mother, Ernestine; children: Charles, Candace son-n-law jorzon, Akuil , Hadith, Tyler; granddaughter Samiaya; sister, Semona (Kenneth); brother, Persey Jr; grandfather, Garnie; mother-n-law Odessa, sisters-n-law Teresa and Sharon, brothers-n-law Lamont and Lendale, a host of nieces, nephews, aunt, uncles, cousin, brothers and sisters in the Nation of Islam, as well as friends throughout several communities across the country. Tyrone is preceded in death by his father, Rev Tiggs, brother Sherman, grandmother Geneva, nephew Jermaine.    


Tribute to Bro. Tyrone Muhammad




Tyrone Muhammad defends the NOI against the false classification as a Hate Group by the (SPLC)



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