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Disaster Preparedness: The Wrath of God on America (and the World) 

Hosted by Steven Muhammad

Guest: Brother Rudolph T. Muhammad of C.A.R.E. Unit 9-1-1 and Sister Karriemah H. Muqeet of FGF Risk Management 

   Below are MUST have items when the Power goes out in Winter   

weatherization for windows and doors

Alternative Energy / Solar Power Generators

Portable Solar Hand Crank Radio


Lighters / Hand Warmers

Indoor-Safe Portable Propane Radiant Heater

Alternative Cooking Sources

Lights: Solar & Candles

Thermal Underwear / Gloves / Boots / Blankets

Fire Alarm / Carbon Monoxide Detector / Fire Extinguisher

Portable Toilet / Window Covering & Misc items

Board Games