Upcoming mobile mammography dates for women living in Southwest Ohio

Mammograms on-the-go are a convenient option for ensuring you get your annual screening mammogram, an important tool for detecting breast cancer. Our mobile mammography coach (owned and operated by Atrium Medical Center) travels to businesses and public venues throughout Southwest Ohio such as schools, churches, and events.

Mammography equipment on the mobile coach is the same advanced technology as what you’d find in a Premier Health breast center. Both offer traditional 2-dimensional and the newer Genius™ 3-D Mammography™. Premier Health radiologists interpret all mammograms, and results are sent to your physician.

An all-female team staffs the mobile coach, which offers a comfortable environment with a reception area, private dressing rooms, and a mammography suite.

Screening mammograms on the coach do not require a physician’s order for women age 40 and over. However, appointments are required.

Host the Mobile Mammography Coach

Interested in bringing the mobile mammography coach to your business or event? Please call (844) 453-4199 or e-mail MobileMammo@premierhealth.com. Learn more about hosting the mobile mammography coach.

Who’s Eligible for Mobile Mammography?

Women who:

Are age 40 and older; no physician order neededAre under age 40 and have a physician orderHave not had a mammogram in the last 12 monthsDo not have breast issues, such as a lump or discharge from the nipple areaCan walk and are able to maneuver the coach’s stairs

If you’ve had previous mammograms with another hospital or health system, simply let us know when you schedule, and we’ll take care of transferring your records.

If you have a question about your eligibility, please call us at (844) 453-4199.

Make an Appointment

There are many convenient ways to schedule a mammogram:

Immediately schedule through your Premier Health MyChart® accountContact the Central Scheduling team at (855) 887-7364 toll-freeRequest an appointment online

What’s the Schedule for Mobile Mammography?

Here are a few upcoming mobile mammography dates that may be convenient for you. Visit our programs and events calendar for additional dates. Read more...

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